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Frank, you are a member of TEAM 42, right? (A group of friends on a mission to take over the world). 

Our HQ(a studio apartment) is under attack by the Devil Hunters (A cult that recently caught wind of our plans), and Stella(TEAM 42's sorceress and most powerful member) is the only one who can save us.

Unfortunately, she's in mid slumber.

As team strategist, it is your duty to(Ahem) wake her up. She'll keep falling asleep every now and then.

Ah, yes! You could also tell her what to summon, and where! Right-click for our own Dark Knights(Mirror of enemy knights), and Left-Click for those powerful, but temporary Turrets. (They can shoot in a 6 block radius, you know!)

Make sure to Wake her up TWICE to fully awaken her. Once when she's sleeping, and again when she's lifted her head(she's still Groggy).

She can still summon while Groggy, just takes more of her energy. (It's limited, you know!)

Whatever you do, don't let them get to the bottom of the grid! The wall can hold them off for a few turns, but try not to let them break it!

Oh yeah, and you can pause time(WOAH!) by hitting the Space-Bar.

Well, go on then!

- Gurdan (TEAM42 founder & leader)

Note: This project is HEAVILY unfinished. Missing animations, lack-lustre textures and sprites, no sound-fx, and a hastily put together Menu and UI.

Still, I'd love some feedback. Do you think this game has potential?

Game design / Programming / Art -  Rahul R.(ATaciturnGamer)


NightRunner (Audionautix.com)


pwd-the-awakening-win-64.zip 8 MB
Version 1
pwd-the-awakening-win-32.zip 7 MB
Version 1
pwd_ta_linux_x86.tar 25 MB
Version 1

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