Working on Alpha 1.5

Alpha 1.5 is, I'd say 2 - 3 weeks away. Here's the current progress.

The game's got new soundtrack, all thanks to Chris Hollis! Imagine my surprise when a certain Chris contacted me and told he'd composed some music for the game. And great music too! I've already added it in, and was going to include it in a Patch, but since progress on the Alpha is coming nicely, I thought I'd wait.

There's basic movement modifier pickups now. They spawn randomly, with 15% chance (currently) , after fear goes above 50%. Right now, there's the Chess Knight modifier.

If the player picks it up, they get to move 6 cells per turn, but only in L - fashion (Like a Chess board Knight). That essentially translates into 2 moves.

Also implemented a score multiplier. Now, after fear reaches 70%, score increases by 2 instead of 1 for every kill.

Now to implement crossbow pickups and give a much needed update to the UI. Maybe even include an interactive tutorial.

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