A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is my submission for 'My First Game Jam Summer 2017'

You're a child that suffers from night terrors. A few hours into your sleep, your worst nightmares manifest, and you must fight them off as an iron-clad knight!

Move - Right Click

Attack-Left Click(Sword if adjacent, Crossbow if not)

Read the in game instructions for more details.

Note: You must 'End Turn' if you cannot make another move (like after using crossbow with no adjacent enemies)

Music by Christopher Hollis (Big thanks!)

Sword FX by Kreastricon62 (CC0)

Crossbow FX by LeMudCrab (CC0)

Game Over FX by fons (CC0)

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Install instructions

Just download, extract and run the executable


knight_terrors_alpha_win64.zip 13 MB
knight_terrors_alpha_linux.tar 33 MB

Development log


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This look really awesome, i really like the name of the game. I will for sure try it out tomorrow when the rating starts :)

Thanks! Feedback would be immensly appreciated!